Not long ago, I watched an old episode of “Midsomer Murders” (Judgement Day, 2000) in which a quite young Orlando Bloom played a womanizer by the name of Peter Drinkwater who was killed by someone living in a house called Lothlorien. Gruesomely. With a pitchfork. (Doesn’t even the name Peter Drinkwater have a slightly Tolkien ring (no pun intended) to it?)

Talking about coincidences: The episode was written by Anthony Horowitz who went on to write “The House of Silk” about an atrocious organisation whose dealings were discovered and put an end to by Sherlock Holmes whose adventures have been very cleverly adapted for a modern TV-version in which Dr. Watson is portrayed by Martin Freeman who also plays Bilbo in “The Hobbit”.

Call that far-fetched? I call it a closed circle!